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Affiliated Location

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Affiliated Location

Affiliated Location is a new horror game based on Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott. Play like a security guard and prevent animatronic robots from grabbing you! They look like killer machines from Sister Location, the original. They are the enemies that you must block if you want to survive, escape and win.

Download the full version Affiliated Location for free and get ready to check out your abilities! Its challenge is set in a dark building called Afton Cinema. It is a great destination for families. They come to enjoy educational films and entertain with special interactive employees. FNAF Affiliated Location contains PlayTime Foxy and JayJay. However, there is a rumor related to a corpse that has been stolen for apparently no-reason at the morgue. While you are working the night shift, you can recognize why that happened. Join the adventure obtainable on Gamejolt you should not forget to stop those crazy monsters from catching you! Good luck!

Affiliated Location

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