Dark Deception

Dark Deception

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Dark Deception surely takes FNAF download game genre to the next level when it offers another spooky adventure featuring much more horrible stages to master. The title was created by a fan and based on FNAF games. It was firstly launched in March 2014 in Unity by Vince Livings then revived in UE4 by Vince and Nikson in late 2017. Be sure to try this fan-made title if you are seeking new challenges. Like always, the animatronic gang will be the biggest obstacle to you. They roam through the building at night while you are working there alone. They will not give up on your life, so you must have all the strategies ready to deal with them throughout the night. Try to interact with all the items around you, track their movements using the security cameras and prevent them from reaching your place. The goal is to get through this nightmare and stay alive! Will you achieve it? Play it now!

Dark Deception Chapter 1 Demo

File Size: 852 MB - Version: 1.1.4

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