Ennard’s Night Android Official

Ennard’s Night Android Official

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Prepare yourself for a creepy adventure in Ennard’s Night Android Official developed and created by a fan based on FNAF series owned by Scott Cawthon. This is also going to be a horror encounter between you and the animatronic gang when you come to a build to work as a night security guard. Your job here is to secure everything, from 12 AM to 6 AM. The animatronics start to make movements through the building and their purpose is to enter your office just to jumpscare you. Gather all bravery you have to beat them before it’s too late. You need to find out where they are heading to as well as check their current location via the security cameras. In addition, you must interact with the equipment wisely to prevent the animatronics from reaching your place. Surviving this Ennard’s night is a must, but will not be easy to complete. It’s time to face this challenge then use your excellent abilities to conquer it!

Ennard's Night

File Size: 112 MB - Version: 0.3.5

Ennard's Night Android

File Size: 55 MB - Version: 0.3.0

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