Five Nights at Blaze’s (Revived)

Five Nights at Blaze’s (Revived)

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Take a new job at Blaze’s Funky Palace in a FNaF fangame called Five Nights at Blaze’s (Revived)! You must download it to your PC then start your challenges. You come to a new place in which lots of kids enjoy and get a bunch of fun. You work at night and try to survive all dangers here. At first, it’s fine to do that job, but then, everything becomes very creepy. You will hear some footsteps getting closer to your office, they are animatronics and you must try to stop them from getting into your room. Will you be successful to fight off these enemies? Try it now!

Five Nights at Blaze's (Revived)

File Size: 318 MB - Version: 0.3.0

Five Nights at Blaze's (DEMO V2)

File Size: 336 MB - Version: 0.2.0

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