Five Nights at Sonic’s 3

Five Nights at Sonic’s 3

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Sonic’s Hello Pizza Palace is a good place for entertaining! Jump into Five Nights at Sonic’s 3 and depart another adventure! This fan-made game will bring you a bunch of challenges. The restaurant has been opened again, and you’re here to take a job. Your work as a night security guard whose mission is to safeguard the restaurant from midnight until the morning. The animatronics are your nightmares and they will try to kill you. You are supposed to use your cameras to track their movement and stop them from entering your office. Download the game right now! Have fun!


Five Nights at Sonic's 3

File Size: 192 MB - Version: 1.0.2

Five Nights at Sonic's 3 SoundTrack

File Size: 1 Songs - Version: 1.0.2

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