Freddy’s Maze: 2

Freddy’s Maze: 2

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Freddy’s Maze: 2 is a fan game that you shouldn’t miss! Let’s begin to download it now and try to conquer a lot of challenges along with wicked animatronics. After one year of being burnt down, everything of Fazbear’s Fright has become some remnants, such as a top hat of Freddy, and an animatronic outfit with the dead body of Vincent Peters who got broken and stuffed. He was known as the one that started all. There were eleven children that went missing at the restaurant, and the restaurant had witnessed the Bite of’ 87, bringing the new inspiration to the before horror attraction. Now, the Purple Guy starts to go through the retribution since the animatronics are ready for the revenge. Try your best to go through the maze and defeat all enemies on your way. Good luck!

Freddy's Maze: 2 v1.2

File Size: 55 MB - Version: 1.2.0

Freddy's Maze: 2

File Size: 57 MB - Version: 1.0.0

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