Freddy’s Maze 3D

Freddy’s Maze 3D

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Download Freddy’s Maze 3D and explore further challenges now! It was made by a fan featuring a lot of various maps as well as other stuff to experience. The game also offers nice 3D graphics, various maps with different sizes, which makes it more thrilling to play. You will make your way through a dangerous maze filled with challenges and your goal is to find the exit, and reach it to complete your game. While you are searching for the exit, you must stay watchful for the animatronics from FNaF series. If you get jumpscared, your game will be over.

Freddy's Maze 3D (32-bit)

File Size: 260 MB - Version: 2.2.0

Freddy's Maze 3D (64-bit)

File Size: 262 MB - Version: 2.2.0

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