Some Nights at Raz’s

Some Nights at Raz’s

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Some Nights at Raz’s is a scary adventure game created by a fan! It’s a FNaF fan game that can be downloaded and played on the computer. Start downloading it now! The game puts you in the shoes of a night watchman who works for a brand new workshop for KatFaz Strange. You have to be at work from midnight until the morning with no eyes shut. Unluckily, you’re not alone here! There are some animatronics lurking in the shadows, and they are trying to jumpscare you. Utilize your skills and try to get past all terrible nights. Good luck!

Teaser Game (Uncannon)

File Size: 13 MB - Version: 0.1.0

Some Nights at Raz's Classic

File Size: 115 MB - Version: 0.1.2

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