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If you are an animatronic hater, you shouldn’t skip a chance to play Five Day at Freddy’s Rage at Night which is a FNaF fangame online. The game is inspired by FNaF series by Scott Cawthon, and surely it will bring you so many challenges. In the game, instead of being a little kid locked inside his own room, now, the new fangame supply you with a strong gun so that you can use it to battle against the animatronics. You’re ready to go to sleep with that gun, but the animatronics don’t leave you alone! Now, it’s time to kill them all and defend yourself! You must aim and shoot them down when you come across them before they destroy you. They will assault you extremely fast, so if you lose your focus, you can end up being killed easily, leading your game to come to an end. Alright, check the game out now and try to survive until the end!

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