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Here comes a new love quest for you! Are you ready to flirt with animatronics in Five Days at Jumpscare Academy which is a funny fan-made game online? The game puts you in the shoes of a student who is studying at Jumpscare Academy, and you only have 5 days and nights to create a successful relationship with any animatronics here. There are three levels of affection that you must know, including Acquaintance, Friend and Significant Other. To gain their love, there are some activities that you should carry out, such as talking to them, answering their questions, kissing, hugging or even presenting some gifts. You are provided with a full map that has so many locations, be sure to check those zones carefully and try to chase your love! Do whatever it takes to make the animatronics fall in love with you. Alright, let’s start the game right now and see who will become your love! Have fun!

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