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After the success of the first part, Scott Cawthon released Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Free Online on Steam on November 10, 2014. However, its appeal has not diminished at all. Even, this game provides to players the new and effective tools to fight against animatronic robots. You will play as Jeremy Fitzgerald who replaces the position of Mike Schmidt from the first game. In this FNAF 2, you have not any door to use. However, you will receive another object to avoid being killed by most of the enemy. That is a mask of Freddy Fazbear.

FNAF 2 online doesn’t have only five nights. If you can pass over these, you can open the sixth night which in turn unlocks a “Custom Night” upon completion. In this night, you can adjust the AI difficulty of the individual enemy characters or explore one of ten pre-set challenges.

When you join in FNAF 2, you will get calls from the Phone Guy explaining that the robots here have a unique facial recognition software to protect the kids from potential harm. It sounds very good. But they are not programmed with a proper night mode. Hence, they don’t hear any noise. And this programm will tells them where to look for the people who should not appear in the restaurant after hours. You, Jeremy, can be stuffed into a spare suit if you don’t get rid of their assault. You have to disembarrass unimportant tasks such as looking after the restaurant. And you need to survive until the night shift at this place ends. So, you will have lots of time to do that, from 12AM to 6AM (approximately seven minutes and six seconds). If you let anything attack you, you will die and lose. Especially, you can’t roam like these robots when playing FNAF 2 no download. You are only able to defend the security office. Besides, the camera system is useful for you to observe and track their steps. Your room has three entrances, a hallway and two sides air vents. And this makes you hard to manage them. Don’t worry! Each vent is equipped with a ligh that can check any animatronics crawling into the office.

Aside from these objects, you can wear the mask. Note that this way is not applied to some certain robots which must be repelled by other means. Besides, the flashlight is also utilized to scrutinize the hallway and dark areas. It can make the enemy reset via strobing. Unlike FNAF1, the power in this free game is unlimited while the flashlight is not infinite. If it runs out of the battery, you are vulnerable. And, you can escape the attack thanks to the music box. Keep it wound up to push Marionette back.

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