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Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Free Online horror game is the fourth entry in the FNAF series created by Scott Cawthon. The game is also known as the final chapter. The story will not happen in a security office like other previous games but in a child’s bedroom. Thus, you will start your mission as a kid or young boy who is trapped with plush toys. They are guided by a plushie Fredbear. At each night, you have to battle against the evil animatronics from nightmares.

At each night, you have to battle against the evil animatronics from nightmares. As soon as you embark on the Night 1 in FNAF4 free, you will be warned so that you have the preparation for sudden jumpscares and other activities of animatronic robots. And you know that there is not any camera for you to track them. The controls will be displayed right on the upper left corner of the screen. And what you need to do is to use the given items wisely and properly. You will be equipped with a flashlight containing the limited battery life. It is the tool can ward off the animatronics that you see down the hall. In case you hear their breath or detect Nightmare Fredbear or Nightmare when you turn on this flashlight, you should close the main door quickly. Also, in FNAF 4 online, remember to react in time by closing the closet when seeing Nightmare Foxy. Besides, you ought to keep an eye on three miniature versions of Nightmare Freddy placed on the bed. They can assemble and attack you if you can’t manage them. In addition, you will be jumpscared resulting in a game over if you don’t pay attention to shining the light towards the hallways or leaving the doors, closet, and bed for a long time. If you can win each night, you can enjoy a timed minigame called “Fun with Plushtrap”. In which, you try to get a small plush toy version of Springtrap and unlock the next night.

When the Night 2 in FNAF 4 online ends, you will be abandoned at a pizzeria. There is an Easter egg briefly showing the Purple Man from the second and third games. He is placing someone in the Spring Bonnie suit. After the third night, you, the boy, will be teased by others. They call you a coward and crybaby. There are many rumors of the arrival of the animatronics at night and murder everyone. Then, you can know that you are once locked in the building’s parts and services room as a prank in the Night 4. When you complete the Night 5, you will head to a birthday party where your head is crushed by Fredbear after friends stuff you into his mouth. And they can’t do anything to save you. The Night 6 of FNAF 4 no download will reveal a voice apologizing. Fredbear promises to “put him back together” and will always be your friends. Then, the characters will fade out. You can hear the sound of a heart monitor flatlining ending the game. After the sixth night, you will move to the Nightmare night. At this night, the enemy is very impatient. The Nightmare Fredbear is replaced by his highly aggressive version. If you defeat the Night 7, you can receive a secret cheat code in the Night 8 based on the Custom Night modes. Other unlockables will contain galleries of various animatronics and jumpscares along with the behind-the-scenes for Fredbear and Foxy.

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