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If you are a big fan of Disney’s Princesses, you should join Five Nights at Frozen v1.4 online and deal with these Princesses. They have become animatronic and they start wandering around your castle at night. You play as a night security guard who is equipped with the surveillance cameras. Make an effort to use them wisely so that you can track the movement of animatronic Princesses, including Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel. The Princesses have become spooky and they are making an effort to enter your office. You are supposed to keep track of them carefully, shut your emergency doors in time to stop them from getting into your office. Your working place is so cool and it’s decorated with some stuff like the portrait of the Prince, the working desk, and some items on it. Your room is so large, hence, you should take a look around it carefully and monitor your cameras skillfully. Play the game now and see how many nights you can pass!

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