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Five Nights of Love v1.5 is a wonderful FNaF game online made by a fan. The game will take you to the love quest where you will become a night security guard whose mission is to search for the animatronics that roam around the building. This time, you will chase them instead of running away from them in the original games, right? That will be a new experience for you! You will have to spend 5 nights on hunting for your true lover. Once you meet an animatronic, you are supposed to do whatever it take to make him/her fall in love with you, gain their affection by talking to them, giving them new gifts and so on. However, when you do those stuff, make sure that you have enough energy, or else you have to end your night and start a new one. There are plenty of items that you can purchase. To earn more cash, you need to sweep the floor then use your earnings to buy the items for your animatronics. You ready for this love adventure? Check it out now!

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