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Foxy’s Love Calculator is a game online that is created by a fan. As you know, Foxy is an evil pirate that appears in Five Nights at Freddy’s series. If you’re a fan of him, you should take a chance to join this fan-made game to have some fun with him. He used to be a cruel animatronic in the original games, but now, this Fox has turned into a lovely one that is searching for his mate. Your in-game task is to type a name of a person you know, or you can choose your name, then check out a result to see if he is so into that one or not. The game will also show you the love compatibility of Foxy and that person, followed by some his feelings. If you type a bunch of names, you will finally get a full list of records. Are you ready? Play the game now and find out Foxy’s crush.

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