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Freddy’s Bomb is an entertaining crossover game which is a nice mixture between FNAF and Bomberman games. If you are a fan of these two games, you will surely be crazy about Freddy’s Bomb. This title is very exciting to play yet also hard to master. You will take on the role of a night security guard who has to stay alive for 5 working nights at Freddy Fazbear’s. This mission brings you the feeling of the old days when you tried to conquer the adventure in previous FNAF games. You will also be pitted against the animatronic robots prowling the building at night. Rather than using the security cameras to track their movements and utilizing your given equipment to prevent them from entering your office, you will now destroy them by placing bombs around the building, which will blow them up before they approach your place. Be sure to place the bombs in a tactical way so you can outsmart the animatronics. Good luck to you!

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