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Hungry Trash is an amazing kind of FNaF game made by a fan! The game centers on three animatronics named Chica, Toy Bonnie, and Foxy. They are hungry animatronics which are longing for foods right now. You’re the only one who can feed them with their favorite stuff. In the game, there is a conveyor belt filled with a bunch of items, and most of them are trash, recycle and compost. You need to drag these things to your animatronics, but make sure that your characters get the right food, namely trash for Chica, recycle for Toy Bonnie and compost for Foxy. If you fail to choose the accurate food, you will receive the waste points. Too many waste points will cause your game to come to an end. You will have a little bit time to take a look at the types of food at the beginning of the game. Be sure to watch them closely, memorize the food carefully and beat the challenges.

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