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Are you up for another fan-made FNaF game? Interactive Foxy will become such a great game online for you. This time, you will experience a lot of stuff with a famous character named Foxy. He becomes very interactive now, and you can do a lot of things to him. Your goal is to build up a successful relation with him or become friend with him and share sweet moments. To obtain your goal, you are supposed to do stuff to him, like touching his body parts, tickle him, pat his head and do whatever you want. He will react to you; then you can take a look at a feeling section, the more you interact with him, the higher the percentage of feeling will become. When it is about to reach the max, Foxy will finally tell you his feeling and what he thinks about you. But you should be aware of his eyepatch, don’t touch it, or else he will jumpscare you! Try the game now and see if Foxy can become your love or not!

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