JOLLY 3: Chapter 2

JOLLY 3: Chapter 2

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JOLLY 3: Chapter 2

Jolly 3: Chapter 2 is another installment in the Jolly series. Get ready to download and join the game for a new adventure. This latest installment showcases various outstanding features, including subtitles, challenges, custom night of all visitable places, point-and-click free roam, voice acting, settings screen, extras and more. You will take a job and spend another five nights in a scary building. This time, the job is getting tougher for you to handle. As you check the corners inside the building, you will encounter some animatronic robots who are freely roaming and trying to enter your office. Make use of the equipment to fight them off as well as stop them from sneaking into the room. There is a mystery about the place that you must solve as well. Try to collect enough clues then use them to solve it. You aim to survive until the end of the adventure to become the winner!

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