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It’s time to mess with Foxy! If this animatronic is your bias, you should grab a chance to join SECOND Beta Version! Foxy Flash game and build up an interaction with him. Foxy is known as a cruel fox that turns up in Five Nights at Freddy’s series. But in this fan-made game, he is just a cute fox that you can tease and touch him whenever you want. The game features some nights and you will spend them with Foxy. Are you up to do anything to him? You can start touching him like crazy, or use a baseball bat to hit him if he becomes uncomfortable. Or when you find him lovely, you can give him a sweet hug, talk to him like a real friend and other stuff. However, you shouldn’t get him angry, or else you will be in danger. Let’s engage in the game now and have a blast with your Foxy.

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