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Are you ready to have fun with Springtrap? Let’s join a funny FNaF fangame called Springtrap Leel Spin now! This can be considered as a hilarious FNaF animation by a fan, but still you will get a mission in the game. Springtrap is a main animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, he is so creepy and aggressive when trying to jumpscare you. But now, in this fan-made game, you will totally have a blast with him. You should try your hardest to search for an Easter egg and stay watchful for being jumpscared by Springtrap. The jumpscare will be so scary and creepy! But let’s see if he jumpscares you or not. The game is made with unique graphics and amazing features, Springtrap is so fun at first, with a cute appearance and he is spinning the leek. What will happen at the end of the game? Check the game out now! Have fun!

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