Detail Game

Toy Chica is ready for a cool party! Let’s take part in Toy Chica’s Cupcake Creator and have a blast with her. This fangame is really cool and entertaining to play, and it will become a perfect choice for those who are big fans of Toy Chica in Five Nights at Freddy’s series. This animatronic is so cute and friendly in this fangame, so you won’t be scared of it. Once joining, you will begin yo create your own cupcake by selecting some components such as base color, kinds of cup, eyes, and so on. You will eventually have your amazing cupcake, and when you’re done, just let your cupcake do a jumpscare performance by hitting Go button. The game will be a good chance for you to let your creativity shine. You can make anything cupcake you want, take sceenshots and share your work of art with your friends. Have a blast with it!

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